Talking Tom Pool

Fun Floatie Pool game for kids big and small! It’s more strategic than it first appears as you bump and bounce your way through the levels!
Posted On 28 Nov 2017

Mighty Battles

Addicting fun battles! Choose your units strategically to make the most of destroying your opponent. Timing is also critical as you try to pick just the right time to deploy your colorful characters! FUN!
Posted On 22 Nov 2017

Warship Rising

Fantastic graphics, sounds and music! Command your ship and defeat players from around the world! Beautifully executed and easy to learn, 5 stars for sure!
Posted On 18 Nov 2017

Darts of Fury

Great dart fun! Multiplayer so you can play against people from all over the world. The physics and sounds are fantastic, all it’s missing are the cold beverages!
Posted On 17 Nov 2017

Zlatan Legends

Defy gravity and transport your way up through the track! Bounce the ball off of the yellow walls, avoid the blue walls, floating mines & crash through the ice barriers! Beat the other players and become the almighty Zlatan Master!
Posted On 16 Nov 2017

Crash of Cars

A BLAST of a game! Scoop up the crowns and grab the power-ups to vanquish the other drivers! Player with the most crowns becomes the target. Competitive Fun for Everyone!
Posted On 15 Nov 2017

Tiny Archers

SiftGames: Tiny Archers is great fun! Shoot your way through goblins, ogres & giants. Each enemy has a unique ability to reach your tower and you must use your skill and arrow choice to thwart their advance. Well designed and addictive! More Levels Please!!
Posted On 16 Nov 2016

Asphalt Xtreme

SiftGames: Great Fun! Addictive “NoRoad” racing. The physics and graphics are great but the game really shines when it comes to the path to winning. The clever placement of nitro boosts, obstacles, choices, and barriers are fantastic!
Posted On 16 Nov 2016

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